Laura Ingalls Wilder: author and cousin

Little House in the Big WoodsI loved Laura Ingalls Wilder books when I was a  kid, long before the series was on TV. I read all the ones about Laura’s childhood but couldn’t get interested in the later ones (and haven’t tried to read them as an adult).

When I learned enough about the Delano ancestors in my family tree, I was delighted to learn I was distantly related to a few famous persons: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Ulysses S Grant and Laura Ingalls Wilder (through her father). Laura is my third cousin three times removed.

My mother didn’t have any idea she and I were related to Laura, so of course she couldn’t have told me. However, I don’t remember her ever telling me she grew up in a “little house in the big woods” of Wisconsin herself and her grandmother lived in a “little house on the prairie” in Kansas. I would have enjoyed the books even more if she had.