Just found photos of my ancestors’ . . . neighbors

In case you’re wondering why you should be interested in photos and documents online that are not likely to contain any data about the ancestors you’re researching, this is why: In the past week Kansas Memory posted several photos of my great-great-grandparents’ neighbors.

My ancestors, Valentine L. Spawr, his wife Irena Margaret (Neighbarger), and their daughter Elizabeth moved to Bazaar township in Chase County, Kansas, from Iowa about 1859. My great-grandmother Clara was born there in November of that year. My great-great-grandfather was a house carpenter. At the same time, the Rogler family was starting a ranch. They are on the same page of the 1860 census.

The Spawrs moved back to Iowa about 1861. The Roglers did well in Bazaar. The photos just posted were taken 40 or more years later, but they still tell a little about the area. And maybe–just maybe–my great-great-grandfather had something to do with building the house in the pictures.

Here’s a list:
Rogler Ranch, 1915
Registered bull at Rogler Ranch, between 1900 and 1906
Irene Rogler, 1915
Henry Rogler & friends, 1900
Girls at Rogler Ranch, between 1900 and 1909
George Rogler, 1916
Children at Roger Ranch, 1916

A couple more additions to the site are–

Millinery store, Burlingame, 1905
May Fete at Riley Grade School, Independence, 1951
Knights of the Silver Sword, between 1900 and 1910, Topeka?


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