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Misc. Barrows

Ernest Barrows married Clara Spawr.

Misc. Spawr

Clara’s mother was Irena Margaret Neighbarger, daughter of James Neighbarger. Besides the clipping about her father, these are about one of her brothers and one of her sisters.

Misc. Neighbarger

After Margaret died, Valentine married Lusena Carley.

Valentine L. and Lusena (Carley) Spawr’s children

Carley V. Porter was the son of Ruth Spawr Porter and  grandson of Valentine L. Spawr. He was a longtime Democratic assemblyman in California.

Carley Porter career

Carley Porter death

Before marrying Valentine Spawr in the mid 1850s, Irena Margaret Neighbarger married John W. Griffith in Ohio in the late 1840s. John and Irena had two children together: Amanda and James. John married Mary Jane Neff in 1857.

John W. Griffith

John and Irena Margaret (Neighbarger) Griffith’s children and grandchildren


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Spencer brothers in America

Rudolph Seehawer and family

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