River Lågen and Nes Farm. The Nes farm buildings (including the long red building with the green roof) are at the center of the photo, up against the base of Husås. The river Låger in the foreground separated Kvelde from Hedrum before a bridge was built, so the family used the Hedrum church (a little down the river and on their side) rather than the nearby Kvelde church. The photo was taken from Jorstøyp in early spring by Bjarne Lysnes.

My research

All of my genealogy information is now available in the Genealogies section of FamilySearch.org.

A written history in PDF format is at Næss with apps. Please consider downloading it and sharing it with family because this site won’t always be here.

I am looking for a place where I can post my photos online where they will be available publicly, freely and permanently. I previously attached my old photos to individuals in FamilySearch’s Family Tree, but I can’t be sure they will continue to be available there. It’s too easy and common for other users to merge these individuals into people in “their” family trees, deleting the ones I attached the photos to.

Missing pieces (do you have one of them?)

  • My grandmother, Karen Elise Næss, went to the home of “Uncle A. Rogeberg” in Chicago when she arrived in the USA in 1904. How did he fit into the family? As far as I know, they did not stay in touch after my grandmother married. Why?
  • Does anyone know anything about retinitis pigmentosa (which causes blindness) running in any of these families? Three of Karen Elise Næss’s grandsons have the disease, and they were told it was passed down from her.


Norwegian Cousins
“Pedigree Chart for Torill and Torstein,” great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren of Anna Kristine Hansdatter and Ole Larsen (Næss).

Næss Family Reunion, 1965
I didn’t know a thing about this until 1979, when my Aunt Florence told me about it and let me copy the invitation and other information she had received from a cousin, Elna Sorensen Blomberg. It took more years for me to find someone to translate it.
It was frustrating to see that someone had also compiled genealogy information for the reunion because my aunt didn’t have that. I even tried to send a letter to the person who had collected it but didn’t receive a reply. (It was 20 years after the reunion by then.) More time passed, and in 2000 I made contact with a cousin living on the Næss farm. Wonder of wonders, he had the genealogy information I’d thought was lost forever! When he photocopied it for me, I was thrilled to find my own name included. My Aunt Florence had submitted it along with the rest of my family’s information in 1965.


1965 to 1984: My mother and her sisters—Information on Elise, Edvard, and Olea Næss.
1982: A member of the local Daughters of Norway—Translation of the reunion information for me.
1999: Ex-husband of a distant non-Næss cousin—Enough identification of my relatives to allow me to post a query on the RootsWeb Norway genealogy e-mail list.
1999: A RootsWeb Norway genealogy e-mail list member who looked up my family in her bygdebok. I am eternally grateful! Refer to the previous credit, and you will see why I believe that information is provided to us in the order in which we can use it.
2000: A Norwegian cousin found as a result of the help described above—Aage had all the Næss descendant names compiled for the 1965 census (see below) and sent me photocopies of the whole stack.
2003-2004: Finn, a descendant of my great-grandfather’s sister Maren—Information on that branch and a photo of my great-great-grandparents, Anders and Edel Andrea Næss!
2003-2004: Bente, a descendant of my great-grandfather’s sister Anne Petrea—Information and photos from that branch.
2007: Another cousin—Bjarne has shared old photos with me and helped me with translations. Best of all, he has given me my first look at the old Nes farm!

Other sources

  • Krohn-Holum, J. W., Hedrum bygdebok, Larvik (Hedrum kommune), 1978 : Details on the ancestors who passed ownership of Bruk 9 of the Næss farm from one to the next.
  • Information gathered for the Næss family 1965 reunion by Anne Kristine Høijord. It contained a thousand names. The biggest thrill for me was finding my own name in it! My aunt Florence Barrows had submitted our family’s information for the reunion. I finally felt connected to my Norwegian relatives. (My grandmother’s cousin, Elna Sorensen, had passed on the reunion information to my aunt.)
  • Norwegian censuses on line.
  • www.nordicnames.de.
  • National Archives of Norway Digitised Parish Registers.