Lewis, Spencer, White

Joseph J. Spencer boot shop, 9-10 High Street, Stroud, Gloucestershire, England, courtesy Adele Spencer.
Joseph J. Spencer boot shop, 9-10 High Street, Stroud, Gloucestershire, England. Courtesy Adele Spencer; frame made by her grandfather, John George Beaumont Spencer.


My research

All of my genealogy information is now available in the Genealogies section of FamilySearch.org and in a public file on Ancestry.com.

A written history in PDF format is at SPENCER complete. Please consider downloading it and sharing it with family because this site won’t always be here.

I am looking for a place where I can post my photos online where they will be available publicly, freely and permanently. I previously attached my old photos to individuals in FamilySearch’s Family Tree, but I can’t be sure they will continue to be available there. It’s too easy and common for other users to merge these individuals into people in “their” family trees, deleting the ones I attached the photos to.

Mary Ann Spencer was here

My protest against the exclusion and ignoring of women in Victorian times.

Wisconsin cutover lands

In the first few decades of the 1900s, both sets of my grandparents and some of my great-grandparents tried to develop farms on land that had been cut over by lumber companies in northern Wisconsin (Marinette County). They hoped to achieve the same kind of success as homesteaders in the Midwest in the previous century, but the odds were against them. Here are some links with more information:

“Colonizing the Cutover: Wisconsin’s Progressive-Era Experiments in Rural Planning” by Susan O. Haswell and Arnold R. Alanen

Photos of Cutover Lands from the Wisconsin History Society

The Charlie Chaplin ‘connection’

All of us Spencers have heard the story that one of our aunts ran off and had a baby who became the famous movie star named Charles Spencer Chaplin. Is it true? Here’s all I’ve found on the subject. (Hint: I haven’t found a link to our family.)

What about Princess Di?

Yes, Princess Di was a Spencer, but I haven’t found a link. Her father and previous male ancestors were earls. Our Spencer ancestors spun wool in a factory, made boots, painted and hung wallpaper.


  • 1965: My grandmother, Gertrude Seehawer Spencer—The foundation of my research—names of my Spencer great-grandparents, second great-grandparents, and all their children; photos.
  • 1966-1982: My grandfather’s sister, Blanche Spencer Kiefer Cannon—Information from Spencer family Bible; memories of her siblings and parents; identification of people in old photos.
  • 1999 to present: My cousin Carol Oldroyd, great-granddaughter of Joseph T. Spencer’s brother Opie—Jacob Spencer’s parents and children; descendants of Opie Spencer; maiden name and father’s name of Mary Ann White Spencer; copies of records; and much more.
  • 2000: Mary W., a cousin who is the descendant of my second great-grandfather David Lewis’s sister Charlotte—Confirmation of their parents’ names and name of their grandfather Giles Driver; information on Charlotte’s branch.
  • 2002: Carol M., a cousin who is a descendant of Opie Spencer and Beatrice Spencer Morast—Information on that branch.
  • 2007, 2011: Susan, a cousin who is the descendant of Mary Ann White’s brother George Beaumont White—Information on James and Hester (Payne) White and their descendants.
  • 2014: Adele, granddaughter of Joseph T. Spencer’s brother John George Beaumont Spencer–Information and clues on this branch that helped me learn the information I was given previously was wrong.