Brockmeier, Busch, Gerritzen


Johanna Agnes (Gerritzen) Friedel, Theodore Gerritzen, Bertha Elizabeth (Brockmeier) Gerritzen, and Mary Elizabeth (Gerritzen) Busch. Children identified (by two of Mary Elizabeth’s daughters) as Mary and Catherine Friedel, Fredrick Carl Busch, and (the baby) Esther Bridget Busch. Picture would have been taken about 1920.

My Research

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I am looking for a place where I can post my photos online where they will be available publicly, freely and permanently. I previously attached my old photos to individuals in FamilySearch’s Family Tree, but I can’t be sure they will continue to be available there. It’s too easy and common for other users to merge these individuals into people in “their” family trees, deleting the ones I attached the photos to.

Missing Pieces

Do you have one of them?

  • What happened to Bertha Brockmeier Gerritzen’s father (Johann Heinrich/Henry Brockmeier)? Where did her father’s father and step-mother live when they came to the USA, and where are they buried?
  • Are the Arnold and Anna Kusman who are buried in the St. Vincent de Paul cemetery in Dutzow, Missouri, the parents of Anna Maria Agnes Cosman Brockmeier?
  • What happened to Frank Busch, son of Frank Busch and his first wife, Josephine Friedel?

A Special Request

I have received a lot of my Gerritzen information and photos from Phyllis, an amazing and generous cousin who is a granddaughter of Henry and Louise (Kessler) Gerritzen.  Unfortunately, in spite of all the information, documents, and photographs she has found (and shared), she does not have a wedding photograph of Louise and Henry Gerritzen. If you have one, she would love to have a copy of it. I will be more than happy to put you in touch with her if you contact me.

Photos and Links to Related Sites

Aunt Pat’s Story
Memories of Aurelia Marie “Pat” Brockmeyer about the family of Bernard and Dora Brockmeyer.

1901 Barton County, Kansas, Plat Book Page
Look just above the railroad tracks, and you will see land belonging to Theodore Gerritzen and other familiar names.

History of St. Charles County, Missouri (1765-1885)
Bertha (Brockmeier) Gerritzen was born in St. Charles Co., Missouri, and she and Theodore were there in the 1870 census. History of St. Charles County, Missouri (1765-1885) is a book that was published in 1885 and republished in 1997. You can learn more about it (including a list of the surnames mentioned) and order it at this site. The Brockmeyer in the index is Henry C. Brockmeyer, lieutenant governor of Missouri from 1876 to 1880 (not a relative that I’m aware of).


1977: Sisters Caroline, Justina, and Edith Busch—Information on Frank and Mary Elizabeth Gerritzen Busch, their parents, and their children.
Steve and Janet, my husband’s cousin and his wife—A copy of the photo of Frank and Mary Elizabeth Busch.
1997 to present: Phyllis, a cousin who is a granddaughter of Mary Elizabeth (Gerritzen) Busch’s brother Henry—Much more information on Theodore and Bertha Gerritzen, their ancestors, and their descendants; copies of all the Gerritzen photos on this site; photos of the church and graveyard where Anna Maria Agness Cosman Brockmeier is buried; copies of family documents from public records in Kansas and Missouri; and much, much more.
2000: A cousin who is a descendant of Bertha Brockmeier Gerritzen’s brother Frank (actually, the cousin’s partner Yvonne!)—Information on Frank Everett Gerritzen and his descendants.
2001 to present: Cousins Kelli and Stacey, descendants of Anton Friedel and Johanna Gerritzen–For information on their branch, including Frank Busch’s first wife Josephine, for old photos and modern photos of Gerritzen-related churches in Germany, and for ongoing information sharing.
2006: Dirk, a distant cousin in Germany—Data on his website on the Brockmeier branch going back to the 1300s.
Jerry, my husband’s cousin—Copies of family photos and documents.
2014: Lisa, a distant Gerritzen cousin—Information and a kick in the butt to do more research leading to confirming that Johann and Helena Gerritzen were Theodor Gerritzen Sr.’s parents (and lots more).