A tribute to Ruth Denning

DenningRuthbkcoverRuth Denning was my mother’s first cousin and my first cousin once removed. I created this page simply because Ruth was a very special person who deserves to be remembered. I want people to find at least one site about her when they search the Internet for her name. Perhaps one of her closer relatives will create a more detailed tribute to her.

A brief life In Quest of Beauty
Ruth was killed in an automobile accident Feb. 28, 1931, at the age of 16. She was a spiritual person who loved nature and beauty and who wrote about these subjects as well as about her family and friends. In Quest of Beauty, a compilation of her poems, essays and short stories, was published after her death. The book was edited by a member of the Joliet (Ill.) Township High School English Department and dedicated to Ruth by members of the class of 1932.