Barrows, Delano

Roy and Elise Næss) Barrows with daughters Olea and Florence
Roy and Elise (Næss) Barrows with daughters Olea and Florence, Chicago, 1916

My research

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A written history of my Barrows branch in PDF format is at BARROWS complete. Please consider downloading it and sharing it with family because this site won’t always be here.

I am looking for a place where I can post my photos online where they will be available publicly, freely and permanently. I previously attached my old photos to individuals in FamilySearch’s Family Tree, but I can’t be sure they will continue to be available there. It’s too easy and common for other users to merge these individuals into people in “their” family trees, deleting the ones I attached the photos to.


Wisconsin cutover lands

In the first few decades of the 1900s, both sets of my grandparents and some of my great-grandparents tried to develop farms on land that had been cut over by lumber companies in northern Wisconsin (Marinette County). They hoped to achieve the same kind of success as homesteaders in the Midwest in the previous century, but the odds were against them. Here are some links with more information:

“Colonizing the Cutover: Wisconsin’s Progressive-Era Experiments in Rural Planning” by Susan O. Haswell and Arnold R. Alanen

Photos of Cutover Lands from the Wisconsin History Society

A Tribute to Ruth Denning

Ruth, Roy Barrows’ niece, was killed at age 16.

Our Mayflower Connection and Famous Relatives

Mayflower—Mary Eliza Delano (married to Isaac Barrows) was in the line of Phillip Delano Jr. > Philip Delano, Sr. > Jonathan Delano III > Jabez Delano > Jonathan Delano Jr. > Lt. Jonathan Delano > Phillippe de la Noye. Lt. Jonathan Delano married Mercy Warren, granddaughter of Mayflower passenger Richard Warren.

Internet search engines will find many sites with information on these ancestors. Be aware, however, of family trees taken directly from 1899 Genealogy History and Alliances of the American House of Delano by Major Joel Andrew Delano because it has some errors in it, including relationships of Jabez Delano and two of the Jonathan Delanos.

Famous Descendants of Phillipe de la Noye—Since Phillipe de la Noye is our ancestor on the Delano branch, his descendants—including Franklin Delano Roosevelt (through his mother, Sara Ann Delano), Ulysses S Grant, and Laura Ingalls Wilder—are distant cousins of ours. For example, here is how Laura ties in: Charles Phillip Ingalls > Lansford Whiting Ingalls > Margaret Delano who married Samuel Ingalls > Jonathan Delano III > Jabez Delano > Jonathan Delano Jr. > Jonathan Delano > Philippe de la Noye (Delano)

Other Famous Cousins through the Delano Branch—Jabez Delano’s wife, Prudence Hibbard, was a descendant of Alice Freeman Thompson Parke, who has been called the ur-mother. We link back to her as follows: Philip Delano, Jr. > Philip Delano, Sr. > Jonathan Delano, III > Prudence Hibbard > Margaret Morgan > Dorothy Parke > Dorothy Thompson > Alice Freeman.

According to the New England Historic Genealogical Society site, Alice is “both an ancestor of the late Princess of Wales and Princes William and Harry, and a descendant herself of Ethelred II ‘the Unready,’ King of England (d. 1016).” The site also lists famous American tycoons, authors, and Hollywood figures among her descendants (and our distant cousins).

An Infamous Cousin—An account of one of our ancestors in the Delano branch being accused of fathering illegitimate children is at “The Life and Death of Elizabeth Emerson.” We link to Samuel Ladd as follows: Philip Delano, Jr. > Philip Delano, Sr. > Anna Ladd > Timothy Ladd > Nathaniel Ladd > Samuel Ladd. A really cool old book from 1890 about Ladd genealogy is in Google Books. It tells all about Samuel Ladd being killed by Indians at the end of the 1600s and has even more information about his father, Daniel Ladd. (Search Google Books for “The Ladd Family.”)


1965 to present: My mother and three of her sisters—Flippy Barrows, Florence Barrows Diehl and Mabel Barrows Flom—Information about my grandparents and great-grandparents and their descendants; photos.
1985: Frank Barrows, author of The Barrows Collection—Contact with the following cousin.
1985 to 1988: Dale Barrows, a cousin who was a descendant of Will Barrows—Information about the Barrows line back to John Barrowe and how our branch connects to it; newspaper clippings; censuses; photos.
1984 to present: Marna, a cousin who is a descendant of Pearl Barrows Denning—Information about the Denning branch; photo of Ernest and HurleyBelle Barrows.
1998: Tom, a cousin who is a descendant of Alfred Barrows—Information about the Alfred Barrows branch and the Delano connection; photos.
2001: Tom, a cousin who is a descendant of Florence Barrows Proctor Nicholes—Photos and information about her branch.
2002: Larry, a cousin by marriage—Information about Basil Barrows’ descendants.
2007: Bob, a cousin who is a descendant Alfred Barrows—Information about descendants of Grace Rosa Barrows; photos.
2009: Doug, a cousin who is a descendant of Philip Delano Jr.’s sister Charlotte—A major correction and lots of additional information about the Delano branch.
2010: Nicki, a cousin who is a descendant of Alfred Barrows—Information about descendants of Sarah Blanche Barrows; photo.